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BEYOND OUR OLD BELIEFS.  We are told and we learn and we are socialized in many ways which effectively establish our operating belief system.  And in relation to this belief system, undergo various 'impacts' that at a physical level are stress and become body dysfunction; and on an energy system level (chakras, meridians, etc.) end up as blocks.  So within our currently evolving belief system, we need to determine where we are at and undergo a significant clearing and balance process.  The intention of our new operating system is an ongoing intention of - 'healthy, stronger, younger, faster, abundance and happy'.  That is, a move into personal power and freedom.

DIAGNOSTIC.  The above pendulum chart is one way to start the investigation (or maybe a confirmation) of your core issues that need to be dealt with to move more fully into personal power.  You may be dealing with health issues which is a state of imbalance and so however perceived or experienced, it is a priority for you to figure out what is out of balance, what needs clearing - and then move ahead.  Challenges of all sorts are signs to us to make changes - nothing more.  But to ignore is to delay and perhaps make the process of change more of a challenge.  

CLEARING AND BALANCE.  In many ways the process is the Diagnostic as knowledge of what is important and what is not can bring big insights for change.  For example, if your nutrition is good but you are energy sensitive to the point your stomach is upset all the time (particularly in group or conflict situations), this helps you know what to change.   Often the thing that is holding you back or impacting your health may be small and it is easy to clear and bring into balance.   It should be recognized though that both our physical and energetic bodies can become dense with 'low energy' build-up that need to be systematically cleared.   The reiki and pendulum clearing I do depends on identifying what needs clearing and then to clear it.  This is  largely an intentional process that can be learned by all with an interest.

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