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Welcome to Personal Power Processes

THE PROCESS.  Everything in these processes has been personally 'tested' by me over the last 12 years, having gone through an intense period of relationship, health and financial challenges.  

We all have our stories which I know have been intense experiences.  While we may be shell shocked, best plan is to just shake it off and move on.  Now is a time for letting go, regrouping and coming on strong as our world and reality go through chaos and change.  In a pragmatic sense, we need to figure out what to change energetically and do it!  

The more you are with shifting into personal power, the more insight you will have on what is happening, what to do: which relationships are toxic, where to move, who you can trust and what it is you are here to do!  A higher level of functioning results in 'improved' manifestation.

Have faith - you are here to live the life of the warrior/warrioress and you will succeed!  We all will succeed, coming together more as we move forward.  I know the last couple of years to 2024 may have been pretty lonely and isolating but that is coming to an end.  You will shortly have clarity as you come out from what has been a fog for many of us.

Big thing - keep perspective and a sense of humour!  You are doing great!  More joy and fun are on the way...

MY PROCESSES.  The first process I picked up at the start of my spiritual/healing journey was Usui Reiki to the teacher level.  Following this I did a facilitator course in Transformational Breathlight which I recently upgraded to Flow Breath (transitioned to a kundalini yoga-based breath practice).  Just about 10 years ago I had a marvelous introduction to pendulum and dowsing on an 'in-practice' intensive I tool primarily to sell my house at the time and expanded in so many ways since then to include house and entity clearing.   Pendulum was to become my 'channeled' process which is amazingly accurate.  I have been intensely involved with negative emotion clearing, initially with the Emotion Code practice but then expanded through different other systems of healing and my own work.  Two of my other main influences have been Donna Eden and her Energy Medicine work; and the Theta Healing system of beliefs, soul fragmentation, dna activation and a few other really cool techniques and tools.

Along with the content included in this website has been a strong commitment to meditation, particularly over the last year as I have upped my commitment to at least 45 minutes a day and sometimes twice a day as I use this practice to stay in balance, no matter what pops into my life.  My meditation process is unguided and focuses on the breath and awareness of what is happening around me; and going through a series of: connection to breath, conscious shift into the theta brainwave state while connecting to the quantum field; box breathing; self reiki; and finishing with positive visualization.  My 'test' on the effectiveness of the meditation (and other stuff I do) is to measure the change on a Polar 10 heart rate/heart variability rate monitor - almost always up the on the HRV and down 10 on the HR.  Lots of other ways to measure but being a numbers person and through most my life a left brain oriented being, I like numerical proof on the process work I am doing.  Strong intuition is good too!

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