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Is Your Energy In Balance?


I remember when I was 14, 2 years after my father died of Hodgkins, walking to school experiencing this weird spaciness and anxiety.  As it had happened a number of times, I mentioned this to my mother and she offered me a few of her valium (tranquilizer) pills with a follow up appointment with the doctor, who gave me my own prescription.  I took a few and then stopped; and the whole spaciness experience dissipated on its own over the next couple of weeks (though came and went again over the next couple of years).  My curiosity about this at the time was why is this happening as things were pretty good for me: I was enjoying sports and my friends and school – was I really anxious and stressed?  I had no particular concerns other than what comes from being an insecure14-year-old male growing up in BC.

It wasn’t until years later that I realized I was picking up my mother’s energy who struggled in different ways for a couple of decades after my father’s death; and I was emotionally close to her.

The insights that came with this and other ‘incidents’ were very significant for me, bringing about the realization (and changing beliefs) that we are energetic beings in a pool of energy, tuned into various frequencies.  There has been a lot of 'magic' in this that in my early days was not supported by my belief systems.  At the same time, it has brought about a wider understanding that recognizes the need for energy management to keep in balance and to function optimally.




Fear and stress and anxiety have always been part of our human experience and the physical/energetic body is well equipped to deal with a steady level of exposure to these experiences, striving always to come back into balance.  But what happens when we sit with intense negative energies for days, months, years – as is the current experience now for most of us?  As a visual, imagine you can see a dirty brown fog enveloping the living environment all over the world and this fog energetically is ‘fear’, constantly growing denser and denser.  Wherever you are you are in this ‘fear’ energy and it permeates your being.  Certainly, you can offset this with your own ‘happy bubble’ by doing fun things with friends and family.  This is a great ‘push back’!   Though difficult for most of us to keep up.  Therefore, you need to recognize the energies that impact you and take necessary steps to keep in balance no matter what is going on in your life or you will be in ongoing struggle, dysfunction and ill health – all promoting accelerated aging.


I was recently at my hairdresser and asked her if she had noticed that people have recovered from the initial stresses of covid in 2020.  She replied without hesitation ‘no’ - her clients all reported numerous escalating stresses and anxieties and in some cases illness.  Okay, not hugely scientific but this reflects my own observations that this ‘transition period’ we are in is something that needs to be managed. 


What have you observed in yourself and others?  Is this a concern?


We are in times when we need to be warriors and warrioresses to successfully navigate our way forward in optimal personal power and support the positive unfolding of a new reality!  It is not something to put off until we have the time.


Premise #1 – Need for Energy Balance - we are energy beings influenced by the energies in our environment and need to keep ourselves (and our energies) in balance for optimal health, personal power and well-being.


While some assume only a small subset of the population are ‘empathic’ or energy sensitive, we all have this ability, with some more or less tuned to it than others.  Part of the way our matrix reality has programmed us is to deny any sort of quantum physics interpretation for our human experiences.  The prevalence of allopathic medicine is a key support of this type of belief system that interprets everything as being physical and reductive – the position being a health ‘malfunction’ is caused by the impairment of an organ or hormonal system or genetics and so on which can be corrected by surgery or drugs or diet.


How do you relate to allopathic medicine?


The contrary contention of ‘energy medicine’ is that any imbalance can be identified and energetically brought into balance. It is very much our belief systems that limit our personal power in this respect. 


Premise #2 – Energy Imbalance Diagnostics - any distress we are feeling in our daily experiences, whether it is seemingly structural such as ADHD, diabetes, cancer, rapid aging - or more variable such as sleep  quality, anxiety, depression, acid reflux - can be traced back to a core imbalance and partially or fully mitigated thru daily energy routines.  To understand and remediate any health/well-being issues, it is important to establish key baselines.


I’ve used a pendulum for the last 12 years with the initial motivation being to ‘energy clear’ to sell our family house - which was a great success.  The accuracy of my practice has grown and expanded in many directions.   Anyone wanting to check a more extensive dialog about the practice and uses of the pendulum can find YouTube sources including the informative Raymon Grace. 

Alternatively, and particularly for body/energetic functions, muscle testing work well.  I like sway testing using the whole body.  A good source (that can be googled) on someone incorporating this in his routines is Dr. Bradley Nelson. 

In addition to these methods, I also use a heart rate monitor for heart rate and heart rate variability.   It amazes me how you can prove to yourself the ‘impact’ of certain routines to your heart function (and vagal nerve balance) that as an example can register 'heart rate down 10 and heart rate variability up 10' over a 30-minute process. 

Any other ‘tools’ such as blood sugar monitors, hair analysis and regular lab tests are likewise highly useful in corroborating the effectiveness of the energy processes you are doing.


Whatever works!  Identify key or core issues and how you want to measure them.



One use of the pendulum is to do an energy match for a given statement, with plus 100 being the high-end resonance of a result; and -100 or 0 being the low end one.   Most conditions can be assessed in this way.  For example, what has my ‘fear’ level been over the last 72 hours on a scale where 100 is the highest it has ever been for me and 0 is the ‘no fear’ state of being?  What would you guess is your current state of ‘fear’ based on this definition?  And perhaps try to confirm this with your pendulum and/or by a sway muscle test.  Also, learn to trust your intuition, that sense of knowing.   


Intuition, as all diagnostic work, is best done in a low brainwave state such as theta or low alpha where you are not getting emotionally reactive results – more on brainwaves in a later post (with the suggestion you google ‘theta’ healing in the meantime if you are not familiar with this concept). And the more you practice, the more accurate you will become.


The assessment I use daily might (properly defining each energy condition being measured) include: anxiety, fear, stress, depression, optimism, grounding, shielding, energy system resilience, mental clarity, digestive function, sleep quality, elimination function, brainwave state (alpha, beta, etc.), heart rate variability.  I might add in a specific one for monitoring a certain ongoing issue such as a sports injury.  And I might leave ones off that are no longer a concern. Which ones are of interest to you and seem critical to your optimal functioning?




From the assessment, you want to establish a daily process or processes, ideally done in the morning shortly after wake-up; and in the evening before bed.  The process can be a few minutes up to an hour but always better to do a short routine regularly than plan for a long one you can’t make time for.


It is always best in incorporate what you know, augmenting from searchable sources what you need additionally.   For example, key is incorporating a grounding technique such as envisioning you have roots extending from your feet deep into the earth.   Also, you want to make sure your energy systems are ‘resilient’ which can be done by any number of ‘energy medicine’ routines.  It is also good to understand the concept of ‘shielding’ and how you want to incorporate this (or key only on ensuring the resilience of your aura).  Most initial requirements on the routine will include clearing of some sort for stuck energy, ‘undigested’ negative emotions, entities and various imbalances.   Overriding all work you incorporate into your processes, you should clearly state what your intentions are for what you want to accomplish.


Once you have your foundational practice, you can experiment adding in additional stuff such as invocation of angels and masters, tapping, alternate breathwork, affirmations, sound, crystals, Donna Eden or Prune Harris routines, reiki and so on.


My suggestion is you have a go at the diagnostic, setting up a process and then implement and see how it feels.


You may experience instant results or they may take some time but remain positive that you are bringing about positive change!!   That is where the diagnostic piece helps – clearly showing improvements.


Good luck!  


And know what you do in energy management works and will help those around you!




I am available to help with any aspects of testing and process implementation you may need help with and love to share – please see my website for more information.


As an introduction to the diagnostic aspect of this post, I am offering a 15-minute Zoom call to establish the baseline for 5 key criteria for $30.  Please e-mail to schedule:


The next 2 topics up in these posts are: Negative Entities and their impact on us; and Clearing Negative Energies in the organs (lungs, stomach, kidney, etc) and energy systems (chakras, meridian, basic grid, etc.).


More details to be found:

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